We are Fairfax County, VA's largest organization dedicated to eradicating poverty by means of education. Our ultimate goal is helping by inspiring underprivilaged children to follow their passions  to lead to a successful  future, a life out of poverty.

Over 51,000 students in Fairfax County, VA  (27% of the students) are eligible for free or reduced lunch - meaning their families make 130% or less of the poverty threshold. These students deserve the same opportunities as other children regardless of the obstacles in their paths to success.


  Our Philosophy
The same way an illness can harm one's body, poverty can harm one's mind. Poverty is closely related to ill mental health. And yet it's so easy to spot and much easier to eradicate.

   What Does The Imagination Tree Foundation Do?   

    Because of your generous contributions, we are able to:

  •  provide programs for elementary school children in order to inspire them to succeed in their futures
  •  educate middle school students on leadership and work opportunities in our community while also helping them succeed academically at school - preparing them for high school and college
  • help high school students to succeed in high school and apply to colleges while also helping them cultivate their interests through internships around the community

 Poverty may not be a disease but it can destroy one's life the same way a terminal illness can. Poverty makes one socially isolated; it deprives one from learning opportunities.

 Tiam's Interview with the Virginia Report  

 Kenneth Ray Plum (Virginia representative of House       of Delegates) interviews Tiam AzabDaftari,                       co founder of the Imagination Tree Foundation.

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